Providing Comprehensive Care for Complex Patients

Comprehensive Care for Complex PatientsThe Medical-Psychiatric Coordinating Physician is an innovative method of care delivery for complex medical-psychiatric cases. Contemporary medicine is plagued with the clinical and economic problem of treating “complex” patients suffering from co-morbid and overlapping systemic medical-psychiatric illnesses. Steven A. Frankel, MD; James A. Bourgeois, OD, MD; and Philip Erdberg, PhD have initiated a new model for the care of the most problematic of these patients.

According to the results of our pilot study, the Medical-Psychiatric Coordinating Physician (MPCP) method of care improves treatment coordination and effectiveness as well as reduces overall costs. The MPCP model centers on a physician-led team where, in addition to providing direct treatment, the physician organizes and collaboratively manages both the clinical work and team.

In our new book, Comprehensive Care for Complex Patients: the Medical-Psychiatric Coordinating Physician Model, we describe our method, provide guidelines for its use, and discuss the expected outcomes of adopting our model.

We invite you to learn more about our method, or explore our books and publications.